The Liberouter project is a joint research activity of several Czech universities and the CESNET association in the field of monitoring, security and network infrastructure configuration. We develop new innovative technologies and applications for telecommunications and corporate networks. We focus on

  • tools for monitoring and detecting security threats,
  • acceleration for network traffic processing,
  • analysis and sharing of security incidents and events,
  • configuration tools using the Netconf protocol.

Our research and development activities resulted in several successful tools and in establishing several spin-off companies during the more than 15 years of the project. We have created one of the first 100Gb accelerator cards with FPGA technology and a compiler of P4 language enabling programming of the accelerator cards. Both results have been successfully commercialized by Netcope Technologies. We have developed one of the first 100 Gb probes to collect network traffic statistics, which has been commercialized by Flowmon Networks. We have supported the IETF standardization effort by developing open-source tools around NetCONF protocol. The tools have been adopted by big telco operators. We have developed protection against DDoS attacks which is deployed in the CESNET2 network backbone infrastructure as well as in the largest neutral peering node in the Czech Republic (NIX.CZ). Our further achievements are summarized on a page with Success stories while our technology is explained on Technology page.

Our future research and development activities are driven by new emerging opportunities and arising challenges that we want to address. We see a great potential of machine learning technology in dealing with the analysis of encrypted network traffic, but also in deriving relevant information about network entities. There is also a need to reduce latency for real-time network applications that come with the advent of 5G networks. Last but not least, as the number of devices on the network increases, so does the need for easy and uniform configuration and this opens up space for NetCONF-based tools. If you want to address these new challenges with us, contact us. We will be happy to welcome new members to our team, and we will be happy to work with new academic as well as commercial partners.

Liberouter – innovative technology for network infrastructure