By pursuing our goal to improve network security and configuration tools, we have achieved several outstanding technological results which we further built upon and elaborate.

We have developed a set of IP cores for high-speed packet processing with 10, 40, 100 and 400 Gb throughput. We have experience in designing acceleration cards. For 400GE, we have designed with Reflex CES highly optimised FPGA SmartNIC. All high-speed packet processing IP cores can be used for any FPGA based SmartNIC and are designed for fast packet analysis, filtering and forwarding. We have created easy to use Network Development Kit (NDK) for rapid prototyping of new networking devices. The kit includes network interface modules and ultra-fast DMA with highly optimised Linux drivers to allow direct DMA transfers with more than 512 channels at 400Gbps speed.

IPFIXcol is a highly modular open-source flow collector capable of processing, storing, streaming, and querying network flow data in the IPFIX format.

Nemea is a network measurement and analysis framework which allows an assembly of a system for automated real-time analysis of data gathered by network monitoring processes. It is a suitable platform for the development of network security applications such as attack detection modules.

NERD is an extensive reputation database of known sources of cyber threats. That is a list of known malicious IP addresses or other network entities (e.g. ASNs or domain names) together with scoring and all security-relevant information about each of them.

DDoS Protector is a high-speed DDoS mitigation device capable of processing traffic at 100 Gbps and beyond. Its mission is to provide a cheap yet powerful and programmable tool for dealing with intensive DoS traffic. 

YANG & NETCONF toolset provides several libraries and tools for defining, manipulating, and remote access to configuration and operational data of a device or application. All the parts are developed as FOSS and with the functionality split between several tools, thus we are able to provide an appropriate tool for many different use cases.

In these technologies, we leverage our expertise in Machine Learning to improve detection capabilities and hardware/software acceleration using and developing Network FPGA cards (see our previous FPGA cards), IP cores for high-speed packet processing, P4 compiler and DPDK.

Further details on publicly available open-source tools can be found at the Tools, services, and datasets page.